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Is this the first time that you have visited the Espana-MSF page? Are you at the beginning of a purchase or sale over the Internet? Is this the first time that you are using our services?

If you answered yes to at least one of the previous questions, the following pages could help you. You can find a brief introduction to the Espana-MSF, the advantages of its use and a description of various transitions that a transaction meets during its development.

We understand the Internet customer and will provide you with a hassle free Internet experience. For those of you that are not local, we can assist you in discounted shipping and airport pickup with your out of country purchase. We provide quality services with qualified employees, and our own specialized trucks. The delivery time is usually between 2-7 working days, but for other continents it may take up to 20 days.

What is our purpose?

We are a UK based Transport, Shipping and Logistics Company

If you have already bought goods over the Internet, you know what the potential risks are when buying from an unknown seller. If you sell goods in online auctions, on restricted web sites, private web pages, or through Internet newsgroups, you should always use Espana-MSF for your safety. Whatever the case Espana-MSF can help you. Espana-MSF is an impartial third party, whose task is to facilitate the online buying and selling, guaranteeing security, reliance and convenience for both parties.

Espana-MSF reduces the risks of fraud for those who are buying or selling over the Internet, when dealing with consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer or business-to-business transactions.

The ESCROW Process

Guide to using our services

It is very easy to use the Espana-MSF, just follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Terms and data requests
    To use Espana-MSF you need to register. No problem. Registration is easy and free! After both the Buyer and Seller have agreed on the terms of the transaction, we will ask the Buyer to pay Espana-MSF
  • Step 2: The Buyer pays Espana-MSF
    The Buyer can pay Espana-MSF with money orders or bank transfer. The money is transferred into a no interest account. NOTE: We will not pay the Seller without the Buyer authorization
  • Step 3: The Seller sends the goods
    Once Espana-MSF has received the payment, the buyer can receive the goods.
  • Step 4: The Buyer approves the purchase
    After the goods are received, the Buyer has the Inspection Period to value the purchase*. Within the inspection period he needs to inform us about his decision, so we can either pay the seller or make the refund.
  • Step 5: The Seller is paid
    Espana-MSF pays the Seller. We would like to remind the Seller that the expenses of sending and receiving the money will be charged to the consignee (final receiver of the money), and the delivery taxes will be paid by the SELLER before we start the shipping of the merchandise. If the buyer is not satisfied with the purchase, we will make FULL refund of the money paid, and the Seller will be responsible to pay our service.

Terms and data requests
Buyer pays Espana-MSF
The Seller sends the goods
The Buyer approves the purchase
The Seller is paid

*** Note: If the Client is not satisfied with the goods, he/she can inform Espana-MSF that the goods will be returned to the Seller. When the goods are returned, the Seller has, after receiving the goods, the Inspection Period to verify that the goods have been returned in their original condition. The inspection period is agreed by both parties. After the Seller has confirmed the receipt and that the condition of the goods are to his/her satisfaction, Espana-MSF will  pay the Seller. The Buyer has to inform Espana-MSF of his/her decision within the Inspection Period. Espana-MSF will make the payment to the Seller if the Buyer has not given any notification within 7 business days after the delivery was made.

What are the benefits?

A safe and secure mediation between buyers and sellers

If you are buying from or selling on an Internet auction, restricted web site, private web pages, or through the Internet newsgroup, Espana-MSF can help you conduct your transactions in an easy and safe way.

For the Buyer

Advantages of using our Services

Payment by cash * Espana-MSF
Possibility of inspection It does not permit the Buyer to inspect the goods before paying the Seller. It allows the Buyer to check the goods and return them if they are different from the description.
Protection against fraud It does not offer any protection when goods are lost, not posted, or different from the description. It refunds the Buyer when the goods are lost, not posted, or different from the description.

For the Seller

Advantages of using our Services

Credit cards Espana-MSF
Limits of the procedure Expensive, rigid procedure. Anticipated commission. Limited expenditure. No requests or restrictions. No anticipated commission. No limited expenditure.
Security systems To accept payments by credit cards, it is necessary to buy, install and maintain software or security systems. Safe place infrastructure.
Protection against fraud No protection against the fraudulent use of credit cards. Complete cover against the fraudulent use of credit cards.
Risks No cover against complaints for goods not posted or returned to reimburse the Buyer. Complete protection against complaints of goods not posted or of delayed return.

Pricing for payments. If you have a transaction with delivery there are NO escrow fees. If the deal is not closed, there are NO fees to be paid.

Escrow fees
  • For transactions up to 9,999.00 € - 17,00 €
  • For transactions from 9,999.00 € to 49,999.00 € - 27,00 €
  • For transactions from 49,999.00 € to 999,999.00 € - 99,99 €
  • For resellers and transactions over 1 Million € please contact our support team for customizable fees

Here are our main prices for delivery

  • For Zone 7 : 10 - 700 € ( All taxes included )
  • For Zone 6 : 20 - 800 € ( All taxes included )
  • For Zone 5 : 50 - 1000 € ( All taxes included )
  • For Zone 4 : 100 - 2000 € ( All taxes included )